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Ripple Fails to Stay Above $0.186 Over the Last 24 Hours

Ripple (XRP) has been trading under strong bearish hold as evident from the last week’s price movement. Over the last 24 hours, the currency managed to trade above $0.184 price mark but fails to trade stably above $0.189.

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Ripple (XRP) Price News

The price of Ripple currency was at $0.1871 at 1:08 UTC of Yesterday. Then, the XRP price escalated to $0.1891 at 4:11 UTC. However, the coin faced rejection at this price point and fell to $0.1847 over the next almost 4 hours. Later, the XRP coin managed to recover and move in the upper range at 17:04 UTC and it regain $0.1891 price level by 2.39% hike. And then, the currency again faced downside correction and the price fell to $0.1856 showing a downward swing to the tune of 1.80%.

At 23:31 UTC, the price of Ripple again recovered at $0.1868, showing a marginal rise. The good run continues for the coin today as the price of XRP coin has further risen to $0.1887 showing an upward movement of 1.02%.

The currency continues to outwit the bear pressure at regular intervals brining hopes to the user community. Analysts see this as a positive trend and expect the price of XRP to gather further upward momentum in the days to come. Investors should continue to hold on to their current investments as Ripple is a for the long haul.

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